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Version History
Version NumberDateVersion Info
0.07.03β10/06/2019WST now can have separated graphs and tables with different titles
0.07.02β10/06/2019Updated columns to output source via a function for proper repetition
0.07.01β30/05/2019Updated coldata import functions to accomodate "Easy CSV Editor"
0.06.00β22/04/2019Published new version with new APEX data
0.05.08β16/04/2019About SSR : text modifications
0.05.07β11/04/2019APEX: Import and display improvements
0.05.06β08/04/2019APEX: Bug fixes - Get most recent APEX
0.05.05β05/04/2019APEX: New periods and formatting
0.05.04β15/03/2019HOME PAGE: Fixed wrap around on APEX announcement.
Data import: fixed boolean field conversion problems.
Links: replaced _new with _blank (HTML5)
Buttons: Reformatted everywhere
0.05.03β11/03/2019MENU: Added SSR
About SSR page.
HTML entities replacement function
0.05.02β08/03/2019Bug Fix: DBFuns missing server name.
0.05.01β07/03/2019New associated and linked domain names
0.05.00β05/03/2019NEW DEDICATED SERVERS: Web & Database
0.04.62β19/02/2019COLUMNS: TABLES - Added #ST# subtitle cell possibility
Added Highlights colours to CSS
HEADER - Bold secondary title (right)
0.04.61β30/01/2019APEX : Added filter by number of Runners
0.04.60β26/01/2019APEX : Removed $ sign from Wins in Additional Statistics
Changed announcement on home page to announce APEX 2018
0.04.59β08/01/2019APEX : Bug Fix if current year > maximum APEX year in database
0.04.58β20/12/2018/2018WST : Fixed SQL display errors
0.04.57β29/11/2018/2018LINKS : Added aria-label info most a href links
0.04.56β01/11/2018/2018COLUMNS ; Text for existing of table import file - display error if not found
0.04.55β27/09/2018/2018COLUMNS ; Fixed table header spans
0.04.54β24/09/2018/2018APEX : Adjusted Wins column title in Additional Statistics
Applied NO PRINT to Cookies warning banner
0.04.53β20/09/2018/2018APEX : Table completely converted to Grid
0.04.52β03/09/2018/2018APEX : Sire's Sire & SH Import Problems
0.04.51β01/09/2018/2018APEX : Regional titles
0.04.50β31/08/2018/2018APEX : Southern Hemisphere - Region names
0.04.49β31/08/2018/2018APEX : Southern Hemisphere!
0.04.48β23/07/2018Columns Data Tables : New file format with more functionality
0.04.47β22/07/2018iOS icon
0.04.46β12/07/2018Login and active subscription required to view site
0.04.45β10/07/2018Subscription History page v2
0.04.44β06/07/2018Subscription History page v1
0.04.43β05/07/2018Columns Table Import - Bug Fix title on first line with comma
0.04.42β03/07/2018CSS Variables for colours
0.04.41β01/06/2018Multiple javascript and CSS files in header
0.04.40β29/05/2018Columns: Back to single-column formatting
Login: Forgot User Name or Password buttons form
Login: Forgot User Name entry form.
0.04.39β24/05/2018Login: Fully functional Login and Logout functionality
0.04.38β18/05/2018Columns : Displayed in 2-columns on Desktop/Laptop screens
0.04.37β15/05/2018Columns : Buttons with arrows Prev / Next
Weekly Sales Ticker : Buttons with arrows Prev / Next
0.04.36β08/05/2018Subscribe / Login: About Subscriptions page
Subscribe / Login : Started Login form
0.04.35β17/04/2018Columns.inc: Added formatted currency display options
0.04.34β16/04/2018Columns: Changed to actual dates in upper left/right navigational links
0.04.33β20/03/2018Added Cookies Warning Message
0.04.32β14/03/2018404 Error Page Corrections
0.04.31β06/03/2018404 Error Page
0.04.30β06/03/2018ColData Class: Added table caption var and styling
0.04.29β02/03/2018WST Links - ?DT=YYYY-MM-DD with no extraneous information
COLUMNS Links - Filename.php with no extraneous information
0.04.28β02/03/2018WST Data Tables - Title wrap on smartphones/tablets
0.04.27β19/02/2018Columns table now has Author field: table modif, import modif
0.04.26β15/02/2018Columns table functions now an OO class
0.04.25β14/02/2018CSS Table formatting adjustments
0.04.24β12/02/2018New CSS formatting - everywhere!
0.04.23β01/02/2018Home Page - Fixed Mailchimp and Twitter boxes.
0.04.22β30/01/2018APEX Table - Fixed header while scrolling data.
0.04.21β14/01/2018Columns - Data table function.
0.04.20β17/01/2018Upgraded web servers to PHP 7 - removed custom random_int() function.
0.04.10β15/01/2018Reformatted MailChimp form and Twitter feed on home page
0.04.09β14/01/2018Added MailChimp form to home page
0.04.08β12/01/2018Add favicons
0.04.07β11/01/201820180109 Column : Added Chart
0.04.07β10/01/2018Columns : table formatting and printing
Footer : Do not print Social Media info
0.04.06β09/01/2018About APEX : value corrections
0.04.05β08/01/2018Footer: Added social media
0.04.04β02/01/2018APEX : Fixed data filter display bug
0.04.03β01/01/2018APEX : Fixed filter error TOP results
0.04.02β31/12/2017APEX : Filters, triple sort fields, JS modifications
0.04.02β21/12/2017APEX : Sort fields - Added A, B, C & ABC Runners
APEX : Sort fields - Added secondary sort field for each choice
0.04.01β20/12/2017APEX : Reformatted table to fit,
Additional statistics no longer in columns to not affect column widths
Print formatting
0.04.00β18/12/2017APEX : First fully working version
0.03.17β09/12/17WST : Removed automatic sales name (Sale or Sales) from sales names
0.03.16β01/12/17Columns : Fixed tables and images formatting as classes and optimised for print and rwd
WST : Charts now fit and appear on phones and tablets
0.03.15β15/11/17WST : Fixed problem with earliest WST not appearing in list display
0.03.14β13/11/17Added isBlank and isBlankOrNull functions
Added SalesTri field to WDT to allow sorting within week
WST can show as many tables and graphs, per week, as desired
0.03.13β30/10/17Print layout modifications
WST - Added previous and next nav options
0.03.13β29/10/17WST - Graphs removed from smartphone and tablets
0.03.12β28/10/17WST - First version of SVG bar charts
Columns: If publication time is 00:00:00 date is printed without time
0.03.11β21/10/17Column 20171013 - Number formatting changes
Image of table displayed for smart devices
0.03.10β20/10/17Column 20171013 - Table importing from CSV file
0.03.09β19/10/17Footer: added contact us - changed tech supp to "Problems with web site
0.03.08β14/10/17Inverted Next/Prev Columns on Columns pages
Fixed responsive menu
0.03.07β13/10/17Added Original and Original URL to Colums
0.03.06β09/10/17Added table caption for Brianne data source on WST data tables if after 01/10/2017
0.03.06β07/10/17Fixed sorting of WST Sales Type on main WST table
0.03.05β05/10/17CSS Responsive formatting for WST tables, Index Twitfeed and About Bill for smartphones and tablets
0.03.04β27/09/17CSS Responsive formatting for smartphones and tablets
0.03.03β25/09/17Add WST page text
Added Twitter feed to home page
Updated Weekly Sales Tracker data
Update Bill's Columns pages
Added link to APEX Ratings on TDN site to bottom of About APEX page
0.03.02β21/09/17Tweaked navigation menu layout (columns) and link spacing and hover colours throughout
0.03.01β18/09/17Weekly Sales Tickers - database, import and tables presentations
0.02.05β29/08/17New text for About Bill and About Columns pages
Latest column added
Changed bgcolor of links buttons
0.02.04β27/08/17Fixed Login position on navigation menu
0.02.03β22/08/17Columns List Display and Sorted
First SEVEN Columns
0.02.02β21/08/17Columns Database
Columns import
Columns Index
First Column page with database connection for header
0.02.01β21/08/17Activated Woopra and Google Analytics
0.02.00β17/08/17First column page
0.01.03β16/08/17Blank About pages and Header Menu updates
0.01.02β10/08/17Fixed Google redirect to billoppenheim.com from cde-dev.net
Header Menu: text wrap around
0.01.01β09/08/17Basic layout (fonts, colours, styles) and structure
Header Menu and Footer
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