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About Bill's Columns

Bill Oppenheim has been writing about racing and breeding since 1974. His early positions writing for INL Print in New Zealand and The Louisiana Horse in Louisiana led to Bill’s move to Lexington in 1979. Bill started took the twice-monthly newsletter Racing Update during his time in Louisiana, and it continued to grow while housed in Kentucky, eventually reaching a peak of 1500 subscribers. During the 1980’s Racing Update became known as an independent voice as it accepted no advertising, just subscriptions, and regularly engaged in commentary and even predictions (with varying success). He moved to Scotland in 1993 and sold Racing Update, wrote for the Blood-Horse’s Marketwatch in its early days, and was a weekly columnist for Thoroughbred Daily News from 2000-2017, writing over 800 columns for the publication. Bill’s work has also been published in many other publications all over the world, and he is recognized internationally as one of the leading experts on the thoroughbred marketplace and thoroughbred stallions worldwide.
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